Monday, January 20, 2014

Colleen's Big Catholic Wedding

My featured bride today is a wonderful client of mine. We actually went to high school together but didn't connect until years later. She has put her trust in me and has sent her mom & sister to be my clients as well. It made being a part of her wedding extra special because her inner circle is made up of some fantastic women!
Speaking of fantastic women.....holy huge wedding party! Just to give you an idea....

Though they look intimidating this is my second wedding with this group of girlfriends and I gotta say they are THE best to work with. Not only are they gorgeous but they are so laid back!
With that being said I want to show you the details of each lady's updo/style so there are lots of photos but trust me each one is unique!

Sweet Kristen- always ready to go boho chic she wanted a loose "messy" braid. She wears it well! Braids are not going anywhere so embrace them!

This next stunner I keep saying reminds me of princess Jasmine! Seriously?!? Crazy! The focus here was to not look too done. She wanted to achieve lots of volume while maintaining an effortless look. This style is great for women with LOTS of hair!

I love it when hair tucks just right in all the right spots and hers did just that! This bridesmaids length was to her shoulders and that is my favorite length to work with!

Hello braids :) this braid implementation is great for women who want to show off their length while getting it out of their face but still want interest in the style.

The beautiful Maid of Honor! Kim has a lot of hair! So I was glad she wanted a braid within the updo because it helps minimize the amount of hair that needs to be pinned. I just love this design! She has great taste!

Another head of hair! The grooms lovely sister let me play around a bit with her updo and I think she pulled off the edgy but elegant style beautifully!

My Grecian inspired updo. This look is soft and classic, love it!

Sweet Jenny, I mean you can't ask for better hair than Jenny's. Naturally curly and natural color, what?!? She is SO easy going, literally I think she would let me do whatever I wanted and well clearly she can pull off anything!
The soft swept over the should look. The braids give it a little more interest and stability in holding the hair in its place.

The brides Aunt was a treat! She wanted her hair up and it was perfect for such a special occasion!
The awesome Matron of Honor. She had super short hair and looked stunning with it all pinned up!
Ahhh my Gorgeous bride!!!
We wanted a classic vintage look to her hair and I'm thrilled with the results! Enjoy the next few photos of this stunner ;)


Precious flower girl

Matron & Maid of Honor

Okay look at this bombshell of a mom!!!! Gorgeous Mother of the Bride!

I absolutely adore this captured moment of Colleen's parents at the reception


The happy couple! Thank you Colleen for being an awesome client & making my job!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A college buddy, a stunning bride! *Jill's Wedding*

Sooo back in my college days there was this spunky girl on my dorm floor named Jill. When you meet Jill you just love her instantly! She was one of my first "haircuts" using regular household scissors (I mean that's trust) so I was truly tickled when years later she contacted me to do her wedding hair!!!

Jill is a great example of why "trial runs" can be so helpful for both the bride & the stylist. When we first sat down we talked I did her hair she liked it then later contacted me and said she wanted something a little less structured more organic and effortless.... I'm sooo glad she did because the result fit her perfectly! 
*these professional photos were taken by her friend and bridesmaid Lacey Vollmer* 
*also note they make my iPhone photos look terrible* ;)
 We decided post ceremony that removing the veil and adding a flower would be just the right touch.
An action shot of me working on the bride!

Her bridesmaids were really great! They included her 2 sisters & 2 girlfriends. Luckily they all had great hair to work with! Makes my job super easy! Enjoy the photos of these pretty ladies!

Getting our teasing on! Love these before shots
After....ahhh love
My iPhone version :/ but she's still got some major fab hair!
 The beautiful photographer Lacey getting her hair done 

Jill's older sister but I'm pretty sure they could easily pass as twins!!

And the final beauty

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Fall in Love

Last October I had the honor of being a bridesmaid in my sister in law, Gabrielle's wedding. It was beautiful, there is something so romantic about fall weddings.
I was thrilled when she asked me to also do the hair! She is great to work with & I knew her other bridesmaids would be great fun as well.

I truly fell in love with Gabrielle's hair that day
The unique part that she added, which was genius, was she asked her grandmothers for old jewelry to see if she could implement them somehow. We looked through a bunch of great pieces and came across these earrings and I knew they were perfect for her style...

I couldn't get my hands on a picture of every beautiful bridesmaid but here are the photos of the hair I could grab, enjoy!

The couple right before the ceremony
What a great couple & what a great wedding! Thank you Gabrielle for trusting me on your big day!!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wedding Catch Up

Kristen's Wedding

Even though it was last summer it definitely has to be on my blog! Kristen is such a sweetheart! I've known her since high school and she runs around with a great group of ladies! One of her bridesmaids, Colleen is getting married this October. I'm thrilled to be doing the wedding hair!

Here are some pictures of Kristen & Co. getting ready on her wedding day....

The gorgeous bridesmaids

The lovely bride's hair 

What an adorable couple! Thank you Kristen for including me in your special day! You were wonderful to work with!!!